When we contacted Animal Trustees of Austin in an effort to find an affordable x-ray option, they stepped up and kindly offered to administer care to sweet Lexus. They have been so professional and amazing in their approach. The person we were communicating with on a one-to-one basis, Executive Director, Missy McCullough, graciously offered the services. It has been determined, through x-rays and examination however, that an operation will not correct what has afflicted Lexus. She will need to be on anti-inflammatory and pain medication which, of course, requires money. We are still requesting any donations you feel you can share with her-so she never runs out of medication.  Anderson Mill Animal Clinic is handling her ongoing treatment, so a donation given personally to the vet, can be posted under LEXUS CARE and the funds will only be used for her. Again thank you for what you have already done and thank you for what you may do in the future. We both appreciate you!

~Steve and Lexus~

Anderson Mill Animal Clinic: Ask for Jennifer. Phone: (512) 258-4163 Fax: (512) 258-8213 13542 Highway 183, Austin, TX 78750


Lexus is a min-pin who has developed issues with simple walking. Please read her story and donate whatever you feel you can. Thank you!

Through small donations, Lexus had her first visit and first prescription. She will need ongoing prescriptions. Any donation should go directly to the vet’s office.

Steve, her owner, is on disability and simply cannot afford the treatment to repair her little leg that has developed a debilitating limp. Steve’s disabilities are from a beating that was so bad he has had 4 surgeries in two years. The man that beat him is still is prison and will be for 35 years.

This is Steve’s personal commentary:

My little Min-Pin (Lexus) needs some help– she is in a lot of pain, and needs meds everyday. She is only 9 years old and has a lot of life and love left in her. I live on low-income disability and I’m in desperate need of sending my Min-Pin to the vet ASAP.  She is the light of my life and my best friend. It’s just Lexus and me in this world and she makes me keep living. God Bless who ever can help.

Anything will help. Thank you!